Off to Italy 2017

As Johnny & I prepare to head back to Umbria, Italy for our annual work/play visit, there is much to be thankful for.

This year, we moved our gallery into a bigger, brighter space on with windows on the street. Nice! You can visit us on Dolores between 5th & 6th in Carmel, California.

Lots of work was done to get it all up and going...


We think the place looks great, and we are happy to hand it over to our gallery helpers while we are away. Thanks, Mary Liz & Gerrica!!

Johnny has most of his equipment good to go for the trip, and we feel thankful that we have pals in Umbria that keep the art supplies in storage for while we are gone. Thanks, Roy & Diana!

While we do have a fair amount of play during our getaway, Johnny works every day that weather permits.

He has favorite scenes he’ll return to each year to paint again and again, but it’s always good to find new scenes, new areas.

This is the ‘good stuff’…driving around the countryside, down dirt roads or along the lake, looking for another perfect view to capture in oil or gouache.

All in all, he’ll work for ¾ of the trip, and then he’ll need to stop to let all the paintings dry enough to be packed and shipped home for the yearly show at our gallery.

It’s pretty darn sweet.

This year, he’s talking about doing both oil on panel pieces, as well as gouache on paper, which he hasn’t done for the last two years.

Then there is time to play, which we both have gotten real good at doing...

I’m excited to watch him work, and take care of this blog - This New Blog.

Stay tuned to see what goes on over the next few months…always an adventure!